Core Values

Bondwell believes that technology is at the forefront of empowering people and organization throughout Fiji. Our core Business values are therefore to discover opportunities for creating transformation to use our knowledge and expertise in supporting positive change and to enable people in producing powerful new developments.

The benefit of having Bondwell as your IT service provider;

  • You are the most important ingredient in a partnership with a team of IT specialists.
  • You have a guarantee that we will deliver on-time every time
  • You enjoy the freedom to focus on what you do best.
  • You enjoy cost- effective access to the best IT expertise and the latest technologies.
  • You have the peace of mind that comes with measurable performance indicators.
  • You have a competitive edge in your sector or industry
  • You have access to on-site support and
  • You have the flexibility to adapt IT infrastructure to meet your requirements.

Bondwell envisions a future in which clients of all sizes think of us when they need to increase their IT return on investment and decrease their total cost ownership while enabling and streamlining their IT operations and ensuring business continuity. To achieve this, we intend to continue to listen to our current and future client's needs and be both flexible and available when adapting to new and cutting edge technologies and best practices.

We supply architecture and design services for all advanced infrastructure solutions, virtualization, storage solution, core network infrastructure, back up and disaster recovery, compliance and outsourcing needs. So when you need to review your IT infrastructure, we offer independent vendor-free advice to make it happen.

Your Business deserves customized solutions that are able to maximize profits. We address your needs ranging from:

  • End-to end security management
  • Storage offerings
  • Virtualization strategies
  • Unified Networking

You will be directed through the steps of the process, whether it be the entire project or a series of business enablers, equipping you with infrastructure, applications and services that enhance your IT environment.

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