Past, Present & Future

Bondwell commenced trading in 1994 as a computer consumable trading company with just one employee… 20 years later the company has over 120 staff and has grown to be Fiji’s largest leading IT Wholesaler and Retailer with a Distribution centre, 10 retail stores and a Corporate Sales & Marketing division.

In March 2014, Bondwell was acquired by Janty Kanvan Ltd. (JKL), Officially Bondwell is now Janty Bondwell Ltd. (JBL), however we continue to trade as Bondwell. This acquisition has empowered us on many levels – we now have access to a larger stronger team and the levels of service support our clients have become accustomed to.

The parent company, Janty Kanvan is Fiji’s largest manufacturer and wholesaler of stationery products. Dealing with brands such as BIC; BJ Ball Papers; Fuji Films etc.

We share a belief in the fact that the provision of technology services is all about choosing the right solutions which are supported by the right products and implemented by the right people.